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Canine Wingman Newsletter January 2015

Happy New Year to everyone! Oliver would like to give you a warm, wet nose, sloppy kiss for 2015. Hopefully something canine is in one of your resolutions or in your future plans. I also want to update you on Oliver and the Canine Wingman Company.

Although he is suffering from two terminal diseases, Oliver is doing well. He is very slow, has a difficult time with stairs, and occasionally falls down, but he can still walk and enjoys going outside. Oh, and he can sleep with the best of them, like a bear in hibernation. The liver tumor doesn't appear to be spreading, and the spinal cord disease is very gradual as he loses muscle mass in his hind quarters and drags his rear legs more and more. In August of 2013 they thought Oliver only had a year to live, so I am blessed for every day, week, and month that my furry best friend is still with me. Currently he is in the tender care of Dr. Nicole Sheehan at the Veterinary Hospital of Davidson. Oliver receives acupuncture treatments from her every three weeks.

Our favorite place to go is Lucky Dog Bark and Brew. It is a "full service" dog business with grooming, day care, and boarding, but turns into a dog sports bar after 5:00 during the week and after 12:00 on Saturday and Sunday. We also go to Swaney Point Dog Park in Ramsey Creek Park so I can get out of the apartment and Oliver can sniff, pee, and poop (no more running and playing for Grandpa).

As for the Canine Wingman Company, it is still around, however my transition to the area is not done yet. My Virginia house finally sold in November and I will be moving from an apartment to a condo in a few months. I will have an office in one of the bedrooms and will finally be able to open all of the boxes that have remained closed or in storage for almost a year. Then I will be getting more involved in the dog world in North Carolina. The best way to keep in touch is to "like" the Canine Wingman business page on Facebook. Don't worry, I don't post often like some people do.

Upcoming Events:

Saturday, January 17th. One of our first Canine Wingman events in North Carolina. Oliver's "Lucky 13" Birthday Fundraiser. Celebrate and donate at Lucky Dog Bark and Brew from 2pm until 5pm. Instead of gifts for Grandpa Oliver, we are asking for dog toys, treats, food, supplies, or just cash to be brought for the Cornelius Animal Shelter. Free human donuts donated by Marianne Metzger of Whipped Desserts.

Sunday, February 1st. Puppy Bowl XI. Forget the Super Bowl, this wins on cuteness! 3pm on Animal Planet with repeat shows later on. Now they use homeless dogs available for adoption- a must see!

Dog video of the month: This is from last year, but it might be the best Super Bowl commercial ever. I know I tear up watching it, the loyalty of animals is amazing. Click here.

Past events: Oliver was voted as the second place winner at the Lucky Dog halloween contest. He wore a Mexican costume with a small sombrero on his head. In November he donated the basket of dog goodies he won to the Cornelius Animal Shelter. In December Santa Oliver and I went to Staples and a dog store to get things that were on the wish list from the Cornelius Animal Shelter, then we delivered the box of gifts to them just before Christmas. Please donate, volunteer, or adopt from your local shelter or rescue group in 2015...

Dogs Rule! Randy and Oliver www.CanineWingman.com

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Birthday boy Oliver turned 13 on January 6th. Yes, he looks amazingly young for his age. Here he is in front of Lucky Dog Bark and Brew just before we walked inside to watch a Carolina Panthers game.

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